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Product Delivery Mechanisms
Today’s increasingly wired customers are demanding more from their on-line account access experience, and with eDelivery, you can deliver. Featuring convenient, single sign-on capabilities and embedded hyperlinks that offer fast easy access to monthly statements, check images, notices, tax statements and more, our eDelivery solution is the online tool that can help you boost customer loyalty – while you enjoy expanded marketing opportunities and cost savings with this new electronic delivery channel.

JPAC has complex enterprise-wide application solution which completely automated the online product delivery by creating systems for delivering the software product directly to the end users. JPAC’s current information systems generated a report that was e-mailed to your customer or prospective buyer and/or your web admin those who are involved in the process.

The solution that JPAC created is a real-time 24x7 engine that automatically delivers product electronically. During this process, a solution sends e-mails to the various entities (prospective buyer, seller, your web admin) informing them that their product has become available and a URL where it can be downloaded. If required an account is automatically created for the same. On the website, customers only need to login with the unique ID provided to them and view/print their report. In this manner, JPAC now is in a position to deliver its service offering completely online in a time span of a few hours after the actual product is available online.

The E-delivery system can be successfully integrates the different technologies and bridges the new web technologies with your existing legacy IS systems. These include a any Enterprise Server database, Crystal Reports, FTP and scheduling functions, Visual Basic components, ASP pages, web services … etc.

Reduce Operations Costs
Can you increase customer satisfaction and save money at the same time? With eDelivery, the answer is yes. This eStatement solution enables you to reduce operations costs by avoiding shipping, postage, printing and other related processing costs necessary for traditional paper statements.

Enhance Account Control
By offering electronic statements with single sign-on capabilities, you give your customers easy, one-click access to view their financial information safely, securely and on their schedule. You gain the ability to tailor your marketing messages to suit your customer’s needs. And unlike printed statement stuffers, eDelivery gives you the flexibility to modify messages electronically, so you can distribute your most up-to-date promotional messages.

Gain Competitive Position
Your customers are sure to take notice when you offer our innovative eDelivery service. Advanced, sophisticated and clearly cutting-edge, the electronic solution helps position you as a bold market leader that can provide both state-of-the-art technology and superior service.

The Bottom Line
eDelivery is part of our comprehensive suite of output solutions – solutions that enable you to offer leading-edge service to your valued customers, while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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